About the artist

Ariel Hirshfeld- former architect, not a professor of literature, neither an archeologist nor a historian- but an amazing mosaic artist!
He lives in the Golan Heights and being deaf from birth he expresses his world of sound through his colorful creations. His variety of artwork includes pictures, vases, jugs, mirrors, Judaica, housewares, clocks and signs all designed beyond imagination. 
Ariel Hirschfeld
I am a mosaic artist- that you already know. Enjoyed my work? The pleasure is all mine. Want to know more about me? Here goes…
I was brought into the world in the winter of 1975, into silence. My parents, may G-d bless them, deserve all the credit for putting all their efforts into raising 5 marvelous children, three of which are hearing impaired. I have been living in the Golan since I was 3 years old and this is where I decided to make a home for my family. There is nowhere quite as wonderful!
I grew up as any other child, facing difficulties and dealing with them: after graduating from a regular high school in architecture track, I fought my way into the army as a volunteer in the IDF construction unit, where I was marked for my excellence.
After that I tied the knot with my great love- Inbar, a remarkable woman who is also deaf from birth. We are now the proud parents of four great children!! Almost naturally, I studied architecture and graduated as a practical engineer. Only after two and a half years of working in the field with an uneasy feeling, abiding by the rules in a strict framework based on straight lines, did I come to realize that it just wasn't me!
With the support of my parents and wife I reopened my father's old forgotten picture framing business, which was abandoned for the past 15 years.
One day, on a family outing to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, I was exposed to the amazing colorful mosaic sculptures placed there, and was taken with them immediately. My first chance to actually try out mosaic work was at the end of Passover. We were putting away the kitchen dishes in the entresol, when one of the boxes, which was full of ceramic dishes, opened and all the dishes shattered loudly onto the floor. The path to mosaic art was cleared…
I acquired the technique of working with mosaic art through self experimenting with materials I use. Most of my work is with ceramics but I also combine glass, mirrors, beads, chicken wire, wood, plaster and metal.
My work is vivid and colorful, it projects joy, and it can draw you into an endless world of imagination. All these help me express my world of hearing. 
Every piece is unique, one-of-a-kind.
My first exhibition was held at the Jerusalem Theatre in January 2007 – can be observed on the gallery page.
That's about all… Is there anything else you want to know about me? I would be happy to answer! You can conveniently contact me by fax, email or snail mail. If you wish to use the telephone it can be done through my parents (don't be embarrassed, they are extra nice) as the middleman. All the details are under "contact".
Revisit the site from time to time. New artifacts are added all the time! Don't forget, mosaic work takes a lot of patience and time
Mosaicly yours, Ariel Hirshfeld

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